from estonia, tallinn. you are made for a person and place, JESUS is the person, heaven is the place. i'm living cause the glory and mercy of my Savior, to shine out his Gospel - good news of Jesus Christ

We welcome the new season, new hopes and promises, people and challenges and God who never fails nor changes, he is there for you at your every step ~ #vscocam #vscogood


TED Talks - Therese Ottem

Last breath of summer and good companion sum it all together and happy bday @cathykiin #vscocam #vscogood


The last year of school is now begun. These are the workshop works of new students. #vscocam #trükimüür #graphicdesign #vscogood

Quit yawning and enjoy those last summer days like she is #vscocam #vscogood #yawyaw